Ways to Donate to the Bannack Association:

There is more than one way you can donate to the many on-going projects that the Bannack Association is working to complete.

If you can, financial support is always welcome.  DONATE ONLINE HERE!

Just as important, volunteering your time is also welcome. If you wish to donate to a specific project on this list, please indicate this in your online donation or send an e-mail to mitch.thomas.staley@gmail.com indicating which project you wish to donate to.

You can also send your donation and memo of which projects you wish to support:

Bannack Association

P.O. Box 1426

Dillon, MT 59725


  • Rejuvenating the Model A Truck: While the Bannack Association doesn’t want to totally restore the Model A, we do have some ideas that can make the Model A more user-friendly during Bannack Days. This includes repairing the exhaust system, better benches and possibly restoring the paint job.
  • Mitigation Pond: After the flash-flood of 2013 it became apparent that a new ditch is needed on the North side of Bannack to better divert flood waters from running through the town.
  • Stabilization materials: Bannack State Park is always working to stabilize the historic structures in the town site and donations help greatly with that goal. Donations of items such as rough cut lumber, old glass, cedar shake shingles, and other roofing materials are always welcome.

You may also wish to donate by becoming a member of the Bannack Association. Do join! Please visit the Bannack Association page: