projects1Here at Bannack, the staff recognizes that the buildings and structures are very old and fragile. Being able to keep all the buildings standing with roofs and foundations is no easy task. We have one full time maintenance person, and two seasonal maintenance workers on board.

This page is designed to inform the public about current maintenance projects here at Bannack. For more information on policies regarding restoration, preservation, and stabilization of our buildings, please refer to the Executive Summary on the Management page.

Here is a list of projects completed recently:

  1. Meade Hotel was re-roofed in 2005.
  2. Meade Hotel upper porch was stabilized in 2005.
  3. New security gate installed at Bannack Bypass road junction 2005.
  4. Graves House porch was re-decked and porch supports were rebuilt in 2006.
  5. Ryburn House was re-roofed in 2006.
  6. Historic Masonic Lodge/School House was whitewashed in 2006.
  7. Manager’s Garage was stabilized with new sill logs in 2006.
  8. Foot Bridge that connects the group use area to the town site has been replaced 2006.
  9. New benches have been added throughout the town site 2006.
  10. A new vault toilet has been installed at the visitor center parking lot 2006.

Routine maintenance is also performed daily. Trimming trees, replacing boards in the board walks, fogging for mosquitoes, mowing or cleaning campgrounds, spraying for noxious weeds, fencing, small repairs on buildings, testing fire suppression systems, and chopping wood are among the many routine tasks of our maintenance staff.

projects2We have some projects slated for the future as funds become available:

  1. In Cooperation with the Virginia City Preservation Crew, stabilize Assay Office Roof, interior ceiling and floor.
  2. Stabilize the Hendricks’s Mine.
  3. Repair the plaster in the Hotel Meade.
  4. Clean out built up sediment in the Historic Ditch that runs north of the town site.
  5. Gravel and reshape the Bannack by pass road.

If you would like to help relieve some financial pressure, please check into donating funds to the Dale Tash Memorial Fund. This fund was created by Bannack State Park through the state to match donations dollar for dollar to go to the stabilization and preservation of the buildings in Bannack.