Clark’s Lookout State Park is located one mile north of Dillon on Highway 41.Clark's Lookout

Clark’s Lookout State Park is a culturally, historically and geographically significant state park. The site is 7.23 acres. Situated on the north bank of the Beaverhead River, Clark’s Lookout is located atop a rocky limestone outcropping rising thirty-five feet above the surface of the river. The elevation is 5,100 feet.

Clark’s Lookout is a key Lewis and Clark site and the location of an observation site used by William Clark on August 13, 1805. This is one of the only locations on the entire expedition route where we can be certain William Clark actually stood and made observations. William Clark ascended the rock outcropping and took compass readings to the Beaverhead Rock, the course of the Wisdom (Big Hole) River, and to the gap where the river passed through the mountains. Clark described the site as a “high point of limestone rock on the stard side [of the river].” The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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