So, you think you have all the answers, huh?

Check your answers with ours:

  1. This is a device used during calving to wean the calf from the mother cow.
  2. This item was a pulley for a rope or a cable to go through.
  3. Nope, it’s not a cannon ball. It is a steel ball that was used in the ball mill to crush ore down to a fine powder.
  4. This is something no house should be without, but most were back in the day. This is a Victor Vacuum Machine. You’ll notice that there is no electric cord, rather, a hand crank that creates a pumping motion in the cylinder. It still works.
  5. These machines were used into the 1950’s and even 1960’s. This is a manual hand crank ringer for drying clothes.
  6. This contraption was used to wash clothing. It was placed in a bucket and then plunged. The water could come out of the holes on the top of the plunger.
  7. This one was a tough one. It is actually a piece of slate chalkboard with a drawing permanently affixed to it.
  8. Again, this is a plunger for washing clothes. This one is a little more heavy duty than the last one, though.

So, how did you do after all?

If you got 0-1 right, then you need to brush up on your knowledge of antiques.
If you got 2-3 right, then you are doing okay.
If you got 4-5 right, then you are either a collector, kind of old, or just old fashioned.
If you got 6-8 right, you’re an old pro! Congratulations.