About the Bannack Association

 The Bannack Association is a grass-roots organization that works hand-in-hand with the State Parks Department to promote and preserve this precious slice of Montana heritage.

 Through private fund-raising, promotional efforts, and individual participation, Association members are making a real difference in the future of Bannack. In addition, the Association is working to develop and preserve historical artifacts and records from Bannack; and prepares and distributes an informative, historical newsletter on a regular basis. The cost is low. The rewards to its members and to Bannack itself are priceless. Here are some quick facts about the Bannack Association: The Bannack Historical and Museum Association was established in 1990 as a formal support organization to Bannack State Park.

 In 1992 the name was shortened to the Bannack Association. The Association is a fully-credited, tax-exempt, non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of Montana. Its purpose is to assist with preservation efforts of Bannack, Montana’s First Territorial Capital, and promoting its historical and cultural assets. Members receive a newsletter on a regular basis outlining Association activities and Bannack history. Activities and events are planned throughout the year to promote the purposes of the organization. All funds raised through the Bannack Association are used for the sole purpose of promoting and restoring Bannack. The organization is governed by an elected Board of Directors.